Friday, July 17, 2009

Hoping time to return like the past

I had not been blogging for the past few months. Trying to update more this few days. =X

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Generousity = Good or Bad?

Something stuck my mind to blog today. Today, went to school as usual. Stayed back for a moment to have a discussion on the marketing plan. Called mom to fetch me at college at 5 p.m. Told her to wait me at the Starbucks.

While waiting for her, I sat there doing nothing but taking some breeze air. As time goes by, I saw a girl which is a tomboy introduced herself to me. I was thinking she was some sort of saleswoman. She denied it and she told me she was a student seeking for donations. She was from TarC. "Why don't you go to your college and collect the donation?" I thought myself.

She kept her progression by telling me more about the donations towards some handicaped children located at Selangor. She was so convincing and told me every details of her personal identity (NRIC, Telephone & etc.). She told me she left 6 cards to be sold and she asked me to buy all. Wtf?!? Rm10 each.

This is what the card looks like.

The inside part.

The best damn part she told me is "Those kids over there made this cards". She convinced me to buy just 1 card. Then she left.

My mom arrived shortly and I sat in the car. I opened up the card to see it's masterpiece & this is what I got. Very dulan la. Got cheated just like that. My RM 10 just fly like that. I rather give to the beggars than giving to those imposter or so called cheaters.

Sometimes, I had been thinking is generousity a really good deed? or the bad one. Well, I just i had my day and lesson. Guess, I had more time towards my blog currently. Will blog more 8). Oh ya, I will be working in Cyberjaya this coming weekends as a Marshall. There will be a Cyber gaming occuring in Cyberjaya such as Dota, CoD4 and etc. Wish to meet u guys there =)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth, your the one!

Earth Hour has just passed 3 hours ago. It brought numerous feelings towards me. Well, my family included my mom & I supported Earth Hour. There was a hillarious jokes when she asked me a question. " Why do some people doesn't turn off the lights?" she asked. " Because they are old enough not to support such campaign" , I said. Immediately she wanted to support the campaign. Haha!!

Well, I turned off the lights at that moment except for my T.V. Watch a documentaries of Earth Hour which shows the supporting of many countries around the globe. Deeply touched with the efforts to those who support this Earth Hour which only takes 1 hour. Well, everything was going well in my new university. Goin to be more active in blogging!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Day

Finally, the time for me to start off my new chapter of life. Tomorrow, i'll b going to start my first class of the day. Since, i had not been updating that frequently, i guess the blog might be more deadlier -.-! . Well, i will post up a new post later on what I did recently last Saturday. Stay tuned!