Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy, Awkward, Lousy, Joyful

Had not been blogging lately due to the excitement of Chinese New Year!! Just came back from a party. Very exhausted now but I still wan to blog about it !!

Nothing to do this day, seriously. Finished visiting two side of my family. Proceed to Jyu-Raku for dinner. Had a sumptuous dinner along with Foo's family.

Don't know what this is called but it's seriously nice. Sort of Yee Sang but in Japanese style.

Mixing it.

Darren, KaF, Chi Yan..


Had a open house in the afternoon with my father's side. Let the picture do the talking.


My father's side family member

This look very traditional :)

Wanna have some ?

Darren aka astro man putting on wii.

Will update more soon. Very tired after came back from Chin Weng's open house. :)

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